At a press conference on November 29, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his continued support and increased enforcement of the Vision Zero Dusk and Darkness initiative, which ramps up awareness for pedestrian injuries and deaths during the holiday season.

This time of year has the fewest daylight hours, increasing chances of accidents. To prevent more casualties between pedestrians and drivers, the NYPD and Department of Transportation (DOT) have stated their support for de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan.

Mayor de Blasio said, “With Vision Zero, we have said our agencies would work creatively to see what works – and a month into the current Dusk and Darkness Initiative, we have strong evidence that we can deter dangerous driving with targeted seasonal enforcement and education.”

The NYPS is also involved in the Vision Zero project. By issuing 50,000 summonses for hazardous moving violation during the Dusk and Darkness initiative, fatalities in traffic have decreased by almost 50% this season. Cracking down on reckless driving helps tourists and shoppers stay safe while zig-zagging in and out of congested New York traffic. The NYPD reminds pedestrians to pay attention and reminds drivers to be responsible during the Holiday season.

CBS2’s Magdalena Doris reported, “The evening rush increases pedestrian accidents by 40 percent.”

That’s why the NYPD and its Vision Zero partners are reminding New Yorkers, especially motorists, to slow down, make safe turns and to never drink and drive. “The NYPD will be out in force this December ensuring the safety of all New Yorkers,” said Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill

The Dusk and Darkness initiative includes increased police patrols between 4 am until 9 pm in priority locations with the highest risk rate of pedestrian injury.