Junior information technology major, Laura Yancy, brings a distinct style to the halls of SFC.

Many claim that this is the age of recycle. Here we are striving to be unique in our own skin, yet forgetting to realize that much of our ideas are old notions now being renewed.

Yancy is an urban hipster who arrived at SFC from Staten Island.

She graces St. Francis daily with her funky unisex fashions.

“I like to keep it simple,” said Yancy.

For Yancy her simplicity to her everyday wardrobe helps her stand out wherever she goes. In actuality, a number of women around the world are catching on to this style.

Yancy’s winter items include her denim jacket, her 5510 Levi brand skinnys, and her classic hat. In addition to her wardrobe Yancy clarified that she goes nowhere without her “pride and joy” good luck Marc Jacobs rose gold watch.

Yancy explains that she has nothing too girly, yet none of her clothes are too masculine either.

She strives to keep it all in between. This season Laura finds interest to the basic infinity scarves, Doc Martens brand boots, combat boots, denim , bow ties, beanies, tribal sweaters, and fashionable scarves. Sometimes Laura will keep it simple in her dress down days as well staying within the unisex category.

Making sure she keeps this element of class to her style; her inspiration can be found through her individuality, expression, mood and at times the most anticipated personal blog site Tumblr.

“My favorite color stays consistent throughout the year” Laura says as she describes some of the colors she shops for when choosing her outfits. She sticks to colors like olive green, beige, dark tones, canvas colors, and from time she may throw in a little color.

When it comes to her shoes urban hipsters like Laura finds interests in the Doc Marten brand boots, The Troopa boots from esteemed shoe designer Steve Madden; and now Laura has found a slight interest in the Nike Air Jordan’s and New Balance custom 574 sneakers.

Another part of Lauras look is her prep classy style. On those days you catch Yancy sporting her Oxford, Sperry’s, Clarks brands and loafers.

When it comes to bottom wear Yancy demands all of her pants to be men’s cut. Although many could argue her style as “tom boy” , in a number of ways todays trend is to shop ageless and genderless.

Yancy loves Chinos, although she strives to get these pants in Japans own Flagship store UNIQLO she desires any chino pants that look good. Along with her Chinos as a former employee of LEVI jeans, she also takes pride in her LEVI jeans brand 5510’s.

Yancy keeps her tops basic. She maintains basic simplistic colors along with simple cuts. Another common type of top that Yancy believes she can dress up are button-ups. She admires the denim button ups where she can place a pin or bow tie on the side.

“You can never go wrong with a button up, not too dressy not to street — sense of class no matter where you go,” she said.

The slightest fashion risk Yancy may take is in her sweaters. With her sweaters she is always looking out for heavy patterns, perhaps cashmere, with a preferred V-neck cut.

What would winter be without a trendy coat? For Yancy her interest is in the Earth tone Parka coats. Again UNIQLOs heat technology line is something that she likes. UNIQLO heat technology clothing is clothes that have been sewn with specific material proven to lock in the body’s heat on an individual. Yancy feels that you could never go wrong with a basic peek coat.

One accessory that ties in much of Yancy’s ensemble; her hat. “Hats are everything,” she said.

Whether it’s a snapback, KANGO golf hat or a beanie, she wears it all. As long as they are plain and have some funky captions she rocks it with her outfit. The hat brands she likes the most include OBEY and Supreme.

Topped with her Fred Perry bag or common canvas bag Laura describes herstyle as simple and creative. Look out for her on TUMBLR, you never know what Yancy may have in store for us next.

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