By Lara Legath

Picking a minor in college is something to think about.

One to consider is the Writing Minor here at St. Francis College.

Writing is an important skill for any job field and everyday adult life once we finish our higher education. Brushing up on your skills or learning the more creative side of writing can help everyone in the long run. Jobs and employers will be interested in those with not only good writing skills but creative abilities.

Some student may be closer to earning the Writing Minor than they think, the requirements are WRI 1100 plus only five other writing courses. That’s a minor that can be achieved in just 6 classes! Some of the writing courses that count towards the minor include Fiction, Poetry, Dramatic Screenwriting and Creative Non-fiction. Or you can attend the summer/winter residency workshops.

These workshops are part of New York City’s only row-residency MFA program in creative writing at St. Francis College.

“St. Francis College offers the first low-residency MFA program housed in NYC, the world’s publishing capital. By providing graduates and professionals with the time and space to hone their craft within a community of established authors, our goal is to connect students with the energy and rhythms of Brooklyn’s literary world. The SFC low-residency program format is tailored to the needs of aspiring career writers in New York City and beyond.”

You can learn more at and follow the Facebook page at for more information.