by Mary Lakhan

This weekend the Terriers proved themselves victorious over the Red Flash of Saint Francis (PA) yet again but suffered a devastating defeat by the Robert Morris Colonials.

On Friday, the Terriers faced off against the Red Flash at the Degol Arena in Loretto, PA, where they prevailed 3-2 after losing the first two sets.

In the first and second set the Red Flash proved themselves as they took both sets; 22-25, and 25-27.

In the third, the Terriers managed to work their way back taking the set 25-21. They went on to take the fourth with a 10-point lead and the fifth with a six-point lead.

Top performers for the Terriers were Vanja Miljacic, Ally Speweik, Lauren Montgomery, Una Stevic, Kizzy Rodriguez, Jaimie Timbol, and Ivana Marrero.

Vanja led her team with 16 points. She also finished with 16 digs, and 13 kills.

Ally recorded 12.5 points and 11 kills. Lauren tallied 11 points,10 digs, and nine kills. Una finished with nine points and eight kills. Kizzy tallied seven points and 20 digs. Jaimie finished with 14 assists and 10 digs. Ivanna recorded 26 assists and 17 digs.

On Saturday the Terriers battled the Colonials at the UPMC Events Center in Moon Township, PA, where they were defeated in three sets: 13-25, 19-25, and 16-25.

The Terriers took a three-point lead against Colonials in the first set but immediately after the Colonials won three straight points.

They then went on to win the first with a 12-point lead. The Colonials limited the Terriers as they tried to improve their stance however they were stopped. The Colonials won the second set by six-points and the third by nine-points.

Emma Granger and Lauren Kolenik of the Colonials both finished with 14.5 points and 12 kills. Their teammate Maria Alfano finished with nine points and nine kills. Nikolette Zanolli recorded 12 digs and Megan tallied 36 assists.

For the Terriers Ally Speweik and Danae Barkley topped scored with 7.5 points. Ally also finished with seven kills while Danae finished with six. Lauren Montgomery recorded 6.5 points with six kills. Vanja Miljacic finished with six points, six kills, and 13 digs. Kizzy Rodriguez finished with 11 digs and Angelee Ng finished with 18 assists.

The Terriers will return to the court on Saturday, November 16, at the Genovesi Center Brooklyn Heights, NY. They will face Merrimack at 4 p.m.

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