The St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers fell 66-56 to the St .John’s Red Storm at Carnesecca Arena at St. John’s University.

With the loss the Terriers fall to 2-1.

Sophomore Leah Fechko led the Terriers with 15 points and eight rebounds .St. John’s sophomore guard Aliyyah Handford led all scorers with 19 points.

Terriers head coach John Thurston was happy with the way his team played. But saw they made some mistakes.

“In the beginning of the game, we were a little nervous coming into St. John’s and their history. We were down 13-4 and came back and went up five. The key of the game was the first five minutes of the second half where we couldn’t make a shot. If you are going to beat St. John’s on the road. You can’t make mental mistakes you need to make everything count. You need to make open shots,” Thurston said. “We battled, it could have been a 25 point loss. We were down 15 kept on battling, and scraping. We played this game to see what it is like in the atmosphere in the highest level of college basketball. It gives us an idea of what we still have to work on individually. I am extremely proud of our effort. We battled them and didn’t give up. A 10 point loss is nothing to be ashamed of. If you hit a couple of more shots you scare them a little bit. They were scared of us. They were ready.”

SJU came out to an early 11-2 lead. SFBK was able to cut that lead to 13-10. After four straight SJU points, SFBK went on a 12-0 run, led by two threes by Fechko, to go up 22-17. SJU would tie the game at 24. Both teams didn’t pick up a lead bigger than two before the end of the half. At half time the game was tied at 31.

With the score 37-35, the Red Storm were able to outscore the Terriers 22-6. This allowed them to go up 59-41 and gain their biggest lead of the game,18.
With the score 63-46, the Terriers were able to go on a 8-0 run, led by five points by Fechko, to make it 63-54 with 2:11 left.
But the SFBK come back fell short.
The Terriers return to action on November 23rd when they host UMASS-Lowell at the Pope Physical Education Center.
Second Half:
11.4 SFBK Fechko makes lay-up 66-56
24.8 SJU Brown splits from the line 66-54
24.8 SFBK Foul on Fecho
1:45 SJU Thompson misses a pair of free throws
1:45 SFBK foul on Fechko
1:58 SJU Langley makes a pair of Free throws 65-54
1:58 SFBK foul on Robinson
2:09 SFBK Fechko makes three 63-54
2:36 SFBK Fechko makes lay-up 63-51
3:13 SFBK Simpson completes three point play 63-49
3:13 SJU fou on Brown
3:13 SFBK Simpson makes a lay-up 63-48
3:54 SJU Brown scores 63-46
4:41 SJU Perez makes jumper 61-46
5:07 SFBK Robinson makes two foul shots 59-46
5:07 SJU foul on Thompson
5:55 SFBK splits from the foul line 59-44
5:55 SJU foul on Udobi
6:23 Robinson Makes a pair of free throws 59-43
30 second time out SFBK
6:23 SJU foul on Udobi
6:37 SJU Thompson makes floater 59-41
7:03 SFBK Veney misses from end of one an one
7:03 SJU foul on Handford
7:44 SJU Langley makes a pair of free throws 57-41
7:44 SFBK foul on Robinson
8:16 SJU Handford misses front end on one and one
8:16 SFBK foul on Benedetti
8:49 SJU Handford makes a pair of free throws 55-41
8:49 SFBK foul on Roninson
9:47 SJU offensive foul on Perez
10:00 SFBK Robinson splits at the line 53-41
10:00 SJU foul on Handford
10:12 SJU Udobi makes lay-up 53-40
10:53 SJU Handford makes lay-up 51-40
12:13 SJU Jones scores 49-40
12:30 SFBK Veney completes the three point play.
12:30 SJU foul on Thompson
12:30 SFBK Veney makes lay-up 47-39
12:49 SJU Perez makes three 47-37
13:46 SJU Brown makes a pair of free throws 44-37
13:46 SFBK foul on Hounshell
14:04 SFBK foul on Hounshell
14:32 SJU Jones makes three 42-37
14:44 SFBK Hounshell makes floater 39-37
15:34 SJU Handford fails to convert three point play
15:34 SFBK foul on Kaufman
15:34 SJU Handford makes lay-up 39-35
16:34 SFBK Benedetti makes jumper 37-35
16:42 SJU foul on Langley
17:43 SJU Langley completes three point play 37-33
17:43 SSBK foul on Simpson
17:43 SJU Langley makes lay-up 36-33
17:59 SFBK Kaufman lay-up 34-33
18:34 SFBK foul on Kaufman
19:01 SJU Bown three pointer 34-31
19:15 SJU foul on Langley
At the end of the first half the St.Francis Brooklyn Terriers and St. John’s Red storm are tied at 31.

SJU came out to an early 11-2 lead.SFBK was able to cut that lead to 13-10. After four straight SJU points. SFBK went on a 12-0 run, led by two threes by sophomore Leah Fechko, to go up 22-17. SJU would tie the game at 24.Since that point the biggest lead for either team has been two. SJU’s Aliyyah Handford is the leading scorer with 13 points. Junior Sarah benedetti leads the Terriers with eight points.

First Half:
25.6 SFBK Fechko makes a pair of free throws 31-31
25.6 SJU foul on Langley
39.3 SFBK Veney misses front end on of one and one
39.3 SJU foul on Thompson
1:15 SJU Udobi makes put back 31-29
Time out on the floor 29-29 1:48
2:45 SJU Brown 29-29
3:06 SFBK Benedetti makes floater 29-27
3:45 SJU Thompson makes lay-up 27-27
4:26 SFBK Benedetti makes three. SFBK leads 27-25
4:57 SJU Handford splits at the line. SJU leads 25-24
4:57 SFBK foul on Robinson
5:06 SJU Langley makes a three 24-24
5:33 SFBK Veney hits turn around jumper 24-21
6:03 SFBK offensive foul on Levey
6:32 SJU Handford layup 22-21
6:46 SJU Langley makes a pair of foul shots 22-19
6:46 SFBK foul on Benedetti
7:03 SFBK Hounshell makes two foul shots 22-17
7:03 SJU foul Jones
7:08 Time out on the floor SFBK leads 20-17
7:36 SFBK Simpson makes floated 20-17
8:50 Kaufman makes layup SFBK leads 18-17
9:16 SFBK Fechko makes a three 17-16
10:27 SFBK Fecho makes a three 17-13
10:40 Fandford makes foul shot 17-10
10:40 SFBK foul Fox
10:40 Handford rebounds miss foul shot and lays it up 16-10
10:43 Handford goes 1 of 2 from line
10:43 SFBK foul on Hounshell
10:55 SFBK Robinson goes 1 of 2 from the line 13-10
10:55 Foul on Brown
11:26 SFBK Benedetti makes three 13-9
11:54 Time out on the floor 13-6 St.John’s
12:29 SFBK foul on Fechko
12:43 SFBK Robinson makes a pair of foul shots 13-6
12:43 SJU foul on Brown
13:31 30 second time out SFBK
13:33 SJU Hanford makes lay-up 13-4
14:11 SFBK Veney with jumper 11-4
14:30 SJU Thompson completes the three point play 11-2
14:30 Foul on SFBK Fox
14:30 Thompson with a lay-up 10-2
15:12 SFBK Offensive foul on Fechko
15:28 SJU Offensive foul on Handford
15:51 SJU Handford layup 8-2
16:21 SJU Handford lay-up 6-2
16:45 SJU Thompson makes two foul shots 4-2
16:45 SFBK foul on Veney her second
18:10 SFBK Simpson 2-2
19:04 SJU Perez 2-0
SFBK Starters:
#12 Leah Fechko
#21 Katie Fox
#34 Jaymee Veney
#41 Eilidh Simpson
#44 Jessica Kaufman
SJU Starters:
#2 Amber Thompson
#3 Aliyyah Handford
#11 Ashley Perez
#12 Briana Brown
#20 Keylantra Langley
Play by Play:

The St.Francis Brooklyn Terriers head to Queens today to take on the St.John’s Red Storm at 2 P.M.
Both teams head into the contest 2-0. The Terriers opened the season with a 56-51 victory over UPenn,and then followed it up Monday with a 56-53 win over Army. The Red Storm come into today’s game with wins over Sacred Heart University and Iona College. This is the first time the teams are meeting in 12 years.The Red Storm wonthe last meeting 68-52 at the Pope Physical Education Center.

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