Senior guard Olivia Levey and sophomore guard Dana DiRenzo paced the Terriers Wednesday night as they led 32-30 at halftime, but were surpassed by the Howard University Bisons during the third quarter, resulting in a 78-63 loss.

The Bisons grabbed their first win of the season while visiting the Terriers, improving to (1-5). The Terriers recorded their fourth consecutive loss and fell to (1-5).

“We looked intimidated, which to me is shocking,” Head Coach John Thurston said in a post-game interview. “We got beat off the dribble all the time, took soft shots.”

The Terriers remained strong for the entire first half, leading 20-14 at the end of the first quarter and taking the two-point lead at halftime. While the scoring margin was close in the first quarter, the Terriers took a game-high nine-point lead in the second.

The Bisons’ gameplay was much stronger in second half, as they started to tie and surpass the Terriers early on. After the teams tied five times in six minutes, Bisons freshman forward Imani Bryant made a layup which surpassed the Terriers by one point and left them behind for the rest of the game.

Thurston was surprised that the his team put up such a good fight in their 73-58 loss to the undefeated Pack 12 Boston College Eagles over the weekend, but could not show the same skills against a team that couldn’t get a win before tonight.

“Why do you go from getting in a defensive stance and stopping an all Pack 12 player from a drive and then you play some team that’s (0-5) and you get out of the way,” Thurston told SFC Today.

Levey led the team’s offense with 15 points and seven rebounds. 13 of her points came in the game’s second half.

“I think Liv did as much as she could to carry us,” Thurston said. “If it wasn’t for her, it would have been a 30-point loss.”

DiRenzo scored a season-high nine points, while adding another seven rebounds and three assists.

“Dana DiRenzo showed her first spark of the year…looked like her old self,” Thurston said.

Despite only recording four points, junior forward Alex Delaney dished out a career-high 11 rebounds.

Redshirt senior guard Te’Sha Heslip was the key player on the Bisons’ offense, accumulating 19 points, eight rebounds and three steals.

Redshirt junior forward Erin Blaine added 16 points, three rebounds and one assist.

The Terriers will travel to West Point Saturday to take on (5-1) Army. The teams will tip off at 1 pm.