The Communications Department’s expansion of over 150 percent this year raises the question — why are so many students choosing Communications as a major?

It’s because the 7th floor Communications Department provides a welcoming atmosphere for the students and the Communications major allows students to use their creativity and learn a promising job skill with a concentration of choice.

Communications professor David Gewirtz said: “I also feel that our students have a high comfort level with our professors in the department.

“Our professors are quite personable with our students. Everyone who is in the department is willing to work with each other, and that makes it a great environment to be a part of.”

The department’s studio and theater have experienced great advancement in space and technological equipment.

“We are one of a handful of colleges in the nation who have high definition,” said Gewirtz. “What is even more amazing is that the college is willing and has continued to put more resources in our department, since the opening of the Maroney Center for the Arts a number of years ago.”

With Communications majors studying topics from Public Relations to Theatre and Film, students have a wider range of concentrations that they can choose from to best suit their interests.

According to one student majoring in Communications – Advertising, “Students and professors, who are in this field, are nicer to one another. You can hear in the theatre and studio room people joking with one another, and willing to work as a team. The atmosphere is a very positive one.”

Moreover, the department is planning to have a new Mac lab, and continue to upgrade the TV Studio Production room.

Not only have the students felt the burn of having to juggle their Communication major and all the requirements needed, professors have also felt the heat as well.

Professor Gewirtz admits, “I’m busier than ever and it makes me proud. It shows me that as your professors we are doing a great job, and our students are hungrier than ever. Their thirst for knowledge with the advancement of technology in this age of digital media makes us, as professors, more in demand than ever before. ”

St. Francis College is also noted for having some impressive connections with major television productions and corporations such as Live with Regis and Kelly, Eyewitness News, Fox News, Viacom, MTV, SNY, Sesame Workshop, Billboard Magazine, CNN, and many more. Gewirtz says, “Many of these internships have lead to full-time jobs even in this economy.”

Students are beginning to see just how important communication is, with there being extraordinary changes in the government and the United States itself. America needs people who can chronicle and report such changes—and with there being such a high enrollment in Communication Studies – it’s more likely that we will have enough news broadcasters, and media people to go around.

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