Christian Parraga is a full time St. Francis College student in his junior year by day, but a post-alternative hard core bass player by night

He is part of a group known as the Kentucky Vampire Clan (KVC) which was named after a group of murderous teenagers in Kentucky.

Parraga became interested in music in his junior year in high school where he met a friend who was already in a band.

The friend became gateway for Parraga who didn’t know how to play an instrument until he learned the bass guitar.

At the time, Parraga didn’t know the consequences of this meeting — it would soon lead him into a dangerous path.

He recalls the troubling times he had with substance abuse and the bad influences around him.

“As corny as it may sound, music saved my life,” Parraga said as he reminisced.

His passion for music saved him from spiraling out of control.

Now free from the control of drugs and the affiliations of these influences, his only two focuses that take priority in his life are school and his band.

He proudly talks about the non-restraints of having a band without a professional record company lurking over their every move.

The ideology of independence plays a major factor in their music as well as their merchandising, the recording of their songs and to their music video which was filmed, processed and edited with a $7 budget.

Asked what he will be doing in 10 years time, Parraga thought about it and replied: “I could give you the typical ‘I’ll be married, with a good job and blah blah blah’ or I could tell you the truth: I honestly do not know. It’s up to you.”

If you want to know more about the band visit them at www.whoiskvc.com

Pictures by Mariela Feliz Fernandez

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