By Lara Legath

St. Francis College’s Career Fair is key to jump starting your way into the business world! Everyone needs a job or will have the qualifications for a new one once they finish their education and the Career Fair is the first step to take towards networking with companies.

The Career Fair will be taking place April 11th from 1 pm to 4 pm in the Genovesi Center located on the 4th floor. The Career Center offers school year-round support in helping students prepare for the job world and finding work, they offer this event every year to give students an even better opportunity to meet companies. Students can also gather information about part-time jobs, summer work, internships and entry level jobs.

The Career Center also holds the Career Success Day before hand, this prepares students for the Career Day’s interactions with employers. Details on the Career Success Day can be found in our previous article covering the event: (Click Here)

There will be 140 different organizations in attendance. Every student is welcome but professional business attire is mandatory to be allowed in. This will be a chance to give your resume to your preferred company, resume assistance is offered at the Career Center in Room 2309.

You can find the list of organizations here: (Click Here)
Tips for how to dress: (Click Here)

To contact the Career Center call 718.489.5360
Open Monday – Friday: 9AM to 5PM or Summer Hours: Fridays.
(Closed July – August)

An insider’s look on how the Career Fair went soon to follow.