As the basketball season gets underway, St Francis men’s team top scorer for the past two seasons — Ricky Cadell — has agreed to write a weekly column for sfctoday.com on the life of a basketball player, taking us behind the scenes in training and preparation and recording the highs and lows of the campaign. Here is his first column.

Ricky writes: The St Francis College men’s basketball season has begun. On Saturday October 30, 2010 we had our first official scrimmage against another team, St Peters.

In the first half you could see that our team was a little excited, anxious, and had some first game butterflies.

As the game progressed, our game plan began to iron out.

We lost the first half of the game but there were many other things to be impressed by with our team other then the score.

The buzzer to the end of the second half sounded off right before a St Peters guard could get a shot up.

With our team finally settled down, running back to the bench we had won the second half.

Overall, with a handful of new teammates and a new coach, Glen Braica, we showed that a lot of good things will come with this team.

One of those things we showed is that, no matter what, we will never give up we will always continue to fight to the end.

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