If you use the computer labs at St. Francis College, the odds are that you have experienced a problem at some stage. This isn’t any reflection on the school itself or of the people that work in the labs, who are very helpful.

The computers can sometimes be slow and students can have trouble logging on and finding a working machine during certain times of the day.

Overall, students typically have positive feelings toward these computer labs. “The labs aren’t bad, but sometimes I have problems logging on and I’m not sure why,” said student Greg DeAngelis.

Some students just feel the machines are too slow. “I think the computers are very useful applications, however they are very slow and time-consuming to load. It takes about five minutes to log on and another five minutes to get the internet explorer to load which is frustrating,” said sophomore Elizabeth Giacchino.

This inconvenience can become a bigger problem if you’re trying to print something out quickly before class. This especially affects students that do not have easy access to computers or printers at home.

Computers in the school can be very beneficial. Many students use them to research school work, print out articles, and write papers. However sometimes during the day it can be hard to find a computer not in use. Between the hours of 12 noon and 2pm the labs are typically most crowded.

This can be especially frustrating if you’re trying to do academic work and others are using them for social purposes such as facebook, youtube or AIM. If you walk into any of the labs, the odds are at least half of the students are running at least one of these programs. Should this be allowed?

“People using facebook when others have to do homework is kind of rude. But I think if someone using facebook is asked to give it up so another student so they can do homework, they will give it up,” said Elizabeth Giacchino.

Recently a survey was emailed to students to evaluate these facilities. The results of this survey will be taken into consideration and hopefully we may see some needed changes. Some questions in the survey (and some changes we may see) included more computers, faster machines and the option of checking out a laptop for school use.

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