The 5 train is the most delayed train in New York City, according to an audit by State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli.

Having a success rate of only 66.5 percent, 5 train commuters can only say with frustration that the line doesn’t meet their expectations.

5 trains travel between Dyre Avenue in Eastchester, Bronx and Flatbush Avenue — Brooklyn College.

This issue doesn’t only affect working citizens, but also students trying to get to classes on time.

Sophomore Lauren Murphy has had difficulty with the 5 train.

“Yes, I have many troubles with the 5 train,” Murphy told SFC Today. “Once they totally stopped the 5 at Brooklyn Bride and it was a hassle.”

The audit also showed that delays in 2015 were even worse than the year before.

The audit that showed the line’s lack of punctuality has no clear solution in the near future.

“Transit lacks a formal comprehensive long-term plan to address major structural and technology needs directly affecting wait assessment,” reports stated.

Because of this, residents are slowly avoiding 5 trains and finding alternatives rather than dealing with its tardiness.

DiNapoli accused the MTA for including the shuttle trains with regular train lines to boost numbers.

The MTA officials fired back at him by blasting his findings and pushing back his unclear reports.

Additionally, the measure of how subway lines stick to the schedule decreased for the entire system from 78.8 percent in 2014 to 78.4 percent in the first half of 2015, DiNapoli’s report said.

The report also said this wait assessment is deceiving because it makes it seem like the transit system is not operating as bad as it is.

DiNapoli thinks the authority should change the way it calculates wait times and create a plan to address why its performance has declined.