Alumna Lisa Racioppo will visit St. Francis College on Wednesday, March 16 to discuss her memoir From Brooklyn and Back Again – which details her return to Brooklyn and transition from advertising to nursing.

Racioppo – who published the debut book in October – graduated from SFC in 1992 with a Communication Arts degree and wrote for The Voice — the student newspaper at the time. She spent 20 years in the advertising industry before going back to college to earn a nursing degree.

The 160-page book details the Park Slope native’s journey – relocating to Chicago, returning to Brooklyn and deciding to become a registered nurse.

“I have always loved to develop stories, and I realized once I traveled outside of Brooklyn, New York, where I grew up, that my experiences were quirky, unique and quite funny to others,” Racioppo said.

After telling the stories to friends, co-workers and clients, they encouraged her to put them on paper, Racioppo added.

In the work, she discusses the importance of growing up in Brooklyn and how her neighborhood taught her so much about the world.

“From Brooklyn and Back Again depicts a series of unique experiences that crystallize not only the character of 1970’s Brooklyn, but shows how those experiences proved to be transformative, sowing the seeds for life lessons that I was able to tap into later when I needed them,” she said.

Racioppo hopes her readers will realize the importance of being humble once they complete the book.

“Coming from a humble past can be a strength and an asset when you approach life with humor, an open heart and determination to succeed,” she said.

She currently lives in New Jersey with her two sons, works as a marketing executive in Manhattan and is at work on the memoir’s sequel – Second Time Around.

Racioppo will speak in the 7th floor Maroney Theatre at 3:30 pm. The event is free and open to the public