By Ian Forde and Lara Legath

Hale & Hearty Soup located on 32 Court Street has officially closed its doors.

SFCToday staff was lucky enough to chat with a store manager who stood outside as the restaurant’s logo was taken down.

The woman explained that the store closure was “…out of our control.” She also mentioned that the store will be moved to 2 MetroTech Center.

SFCToday staff did some digging and found out from (Click Here) that HALE & HEARTY SOUP 32 Court St. was on the list of restaurants ordered to be closed by the NYC Health department, as seen in the picture below.

The article states that the restaurant had 53 violation points including:

  1. Evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.
  2. Hand washing facility not provided in or near food preparation area and toilet room. Hot and cold running water at adequate pressure to enable cleanliness of employees not provided at facility. Soap and an acceptable hand-drying device not provided.
  3. Food not protected from potential source of contamination during storage, preparation, transportation, display or service.
  4. Facility not vermin proof. Harborage or conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.
  5. Non-food contact surface improperly constructed. Unacceptable material used. Non-food contact surface or equipment improperly maintained and/or not properly sealed, raised, spaced or movable to allow accessibility for cleaning on all sides, above and underneath the unit.
  6. Single service item reused, improperly stored, dispensed; not used when required.

When asking students what they thought about the health violations some said that they were “disgusted” and others said that they have had friends who have gotten “sick” from eating at the Court Street “Hale & Hearty Soup” so this came as no surprise to them.


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