BROOKLYN GO HARD –Brooklyn has gained two of the best players in the league.

Matthew Panico — The Brooklyn Nets have acquired Kevin Durant in a 4 year $164 Million deal and are reportedly acquiring Kyrie Irving, who will sign a four year $141 million deal. The Nets should be a top tier Eastern Conference team right?

That outlook on the Nets is 100% wrong!

Kevin Durant, who is arguably the second best player in the NBA, has a ruptured achilles and will be out for a whole season.

No one knows if he will be the same caliber player as he was in years past.

Kyrie Irving, a top tier point guard in the NBA, is a total basket case. A troublesome person for any organization on and off the court.

Rumors say that DeAndre Jordan will be going the Nets. A 30 year old player that isn’t even a top ten player in his respective position (Center).

The Nets need a powerful presence under the basket in order to win games. No one on that team knows how to get a rebound.

One of the reasons why the Toronto Raptors were able to win an NBA title was because of their presence down low. Rebounds help win games, whether it’s offensively or defensively.

And all they acquired in free agency is an overrated center, a point guard, and an injured small forward that may never play a game of basketball again. That isn’t screaming the word “rebounds” in my head.
In addition, they spent tons of money on Irving and Durant. They may not have enough money in the organizations cap space to sign anyone that is somewhat decent.

Don’t get me wrong, the Nets have gained incredible assets for their team thus far. But to say that they are a championship contending team now, is simply wrong.

They are even losing the face of their franchise, D’Angelo Russell, to sign these players.

There are to many unknown variables. There is still a whole position that needs to be filled, a head case that could cause problems for other players inside the locker room, and a top tier player that may never pick up a basketball again.

I truly hope that the Nets do good this year. They have been in the shadow of the New York Knicks for far too long and they need a spot in the limelight.

But to all those analysts and fans who think the Nets are on the verge to a championship, are simply delusional. The Nets are not the team of the future.

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