On December 9, 2010, Professor /Director Kathryn Grant and her Theatre production class will perform a remake of the play The Indian Wants the Bronx by Israel Horvitz.

The subject of this play deals with the ongoing problem of hate crimes. The play is complimented by a montage of monologues, in depth scene portrayals, and good music called “ How We Got that Way”.

Even though the production is supervised by a professor, the students that are the people who truly make this play possible. The countless hours spent rehearsing, taking on individual jobs such as props, music, technical support, display the passion these students have to make this play a success.

For some of the students, the whole experience of acting is way out of their realm and comfort zone. However they refuse to let it show. All the actors, whether first time or seasoned are working hard.

During this time of racial animosity, this play is a production that many people should see, especially students. Week after week the news displays different stories on unjust crimes being committed to people just because they are different. At times we tend to overlook these stories and probably dismiss it after a couple of days or so.

This upcoming play will not only open our eyes to what is going on in everyday life, but also shed light on a subject that is more than often swept under the rug.

Hate is apparent, whether we choose to realize it or not, and it doesn’t only consist of violence or actions. Most hate is done with words. This generation has the power to fix this problem that has been haunting us for years.

The Indian Wants The Bronx is a production that will take place in the 7th floor academic theater at 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. The student body, faculty and staff are welcome to attend.
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