By Ian Forde


Think back and imagine a time in history where people rarely traveled for fun. Back then, people usually traveled for work opportunities, war or commerce.

Today, individuals can travel so easily through various mediums as long as they have the funds. Advances in technology have allowed travel to turn into a leisure activity, a way to tell stories and play an important role in human self-development.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You learn a lot about yourself and grow the most in new situations. Traveling is one way to take advantage of that opportunity. In order to become familiar with the ins and outs of traveling, you have to overcome the fear of the unknown. Organizing a trip can be tricky, airport procedures can be daunting, and you may even get lost wherever you are temporarily; but that’s okay because you gained experience. You learn to adapt to new situations so that you know what to do in the future and become more comfortable and confident.

Meet New People

As simple as it sounds, traveling is cool because you get to meet people of differing backgrounds in various locations. They may share your interests and and possess similar goals. Traveling can provide you with a number of perspectives. You may even learn something new. If you don’t travel, you lose out on that experience entirely.

Memories and Stories

Traveling allows you to create new memories and have stories to tell. When you break away from the norm, you are likely to run into more interesting things. More importantly, while you are enjoying yourself, you will remember all the fun that you had on your adventure.

New Foods

Traveling allows you to try out famous foods in various places. It helps you to truly experience authentic cuisine. Nothing is better than going to the place where the food that you want originated or is popular at. Think about the Philly cheesesteak, New York style pizza, Chicago deep dish pizza, Cajun food in New Orleans, lobster in Maine etc… the opportunities are endless.

Release Stress

Last but not least, traveling is an opportunity to escape from some of your stresses now and again. It is a liberating feeling when you can get away from it all and enjoy yourself. Always take the time to do your favorite things so that you stay grounded in who you are.

Get out and travel, time is ticking.

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