The alumni office hosted an Interfaith Prayer Service luncheon on Thursday, Oct. 4, to honor The Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Father Brian Jordan, of campus ministry said the prayer service. Father Brian, joined St. Francis College Campus Ministry, in August of this year.

In all of his years, serving the church it is the first time he has ever served in Brooklyn. Father Brian opened the service with, “Here at St. Francis College, we rebuild lives through the gift of education—In a world filled with hostility St. Francis College builds hospitality.”

Father Brian has a passion that many students and faculty may not know —a love of running. In April of 1979, Father Brian ran his first marathon in Boston. Before his first marathon in 1979, he never ran more than ten miles at a time.

In high school, he played football and ran track but in college he began running long distance. After completing his first marathon, Father Brian said, “I felt bones and nerves in my body I never even knew existed.”

The feeling of accomplishment was enough to leave Father Brian ready to run again and again.
In the fall of 1999, Father Brian ran three marathons in 28 days, which was the most difficult challenge of his running career.

At age 57, Father Brian will be running his 62nd and final marathon on Nov. 4 in NYC. Father Brian will be running to help raise awareness of interfaith solidarity and raise Scholarship Resources for students at St. Francis College.

With a torn meniscus and shin splints he hopes to cross the finish line in six to seven hours and he laughed, “Most of all I hope to finish in one piece.”

“I use to be a race horse and now I am just a work horse,” said Father Brian.

Father Brian has had a very positive experience at St. Francis so far. “I have been at St. Francis College since late August, I love it—it is the most revitalized I have felt in 10 years—the St. Francis students and faculty are outstanding,” said Father Brian.

Father Brian is excited to run the streets of NYC for one final time. Father Brian’s favorite part of the marathon is running through the streets of Brooklyn.

He added, “One in seven people in the world are from Brooklyn, there is nowhere like it.”

Father Brian has earned the name “The Franciscan on the Run.” However, according to him, students and faculty of St. Francis College are always running.

“The whole college of St. Francis is running Franciscan in all different ways –whether its through your work, your heart or your spirit—everyone is always running.”

Be sure to cheer him on as he runs for big dreams of the students at St. Francis College on Nov.4. The students and faculty of St. Francis College wish Father Brian the best of luck!

You can make a donation today at: http://runningfranciscan.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1041651

Photo: Monica Torero

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