By SFCToday Staff



The Delaney Speech Contest will take place Monday, April 16th, 2018 at 2:00 pm in St. Francis College’s Callahan Center. According to SFC’s website, the Contest urges students to compose “3-4 minute extemporaneous speeches” on the subject of their choosing.


The event is organized by SFC Communication Arts Professor Timothy Dugan and judged by a panel of SFC professors. The Contest is named for 1950s-1960s SFC Professor Francis Delaney, who donated money to the school for public speaking funding.


Participating students, in addition to keeping their speeches between 3-4 minutes, are asked to use note-cards and avoid reading from a prepared speech. By not allowing students to use technology for their speeches, SFC’s Delaney Speech Contest aims to keep the “lost art of persuasive, public speaking” alive and well.


The Grand Total for the 1st Place Prize is $500. The running-up, 2nd place contender will score $400 while the 3rd Place winner will earn $300.


Currently, there is a sign-up sheet located on the door of Room 7319.