Last Friday night St. Francis College hosted the talent packed and genuinely entertaining third annual Dean’s List Tour in Founder’s Hall.

The Dean’s List tour, founded by MC Nigel “Scott Morris” Guscott, is a collection of artists who travel the New York City area performing at over 25 schools free of charge to showcase their talents and raise support for the performing arts.

Morris, a student at John Jay College says, “Knowing that all some people need is a platform for them to believe their dreams are possible, I have created many opportunities to help people in and out of NYC.”

This year’s SFC performance was hosted by Scott Morris and DJ Blackout, who kept the energy up and the audience on their feet despite a late start to the festivities.

The concert kicked off with a performance by Sade Emoni, a singer with some seriously impressive pipes. I have to admit I didn’t know what to expect going in, but as soon as the performers started I knew I was in for a good show.

Rahmel 40, an SFC student performed a rap song to a receptive student body, which was then followed by Dance 908, a Swedish dance duo who offered a high intensity interpretive routine.

Rapper Frank Night took the room by storm with a wildly eccentric and gritty set. Ko-lition performed a spoken word performance and a rap song addressing the issue of police brutality, and Butta Cool had almost the whole audience dancing on stage during his performance.

SFC students, the Sound and Kasper offered their lyrical talents, and singer Randy Class got the ladies excited with his rendition of “All of Me” by John Legend. Class even brought a couple of female audience members onstage for some more intimate serenading.

Headlining the show was SFC alumni and MBK president, Bryan Hibbert. Hibbert performs under the stage name Chosen King, and really managed to bring down the house with his mix of soulful singing and introspective rap verses. His talent is apparent and the support shown for the alumni was palpable as he performed.

Chosen King has been touring with the Deans List Tour since its beginning three years ago and says performing on the tour has helped him develop and grow as an artist.

“Last year I got in a little trouble because I ‘created a mob scene’,” Hibbert laughed. “This year was much more intimate, this year it felt like it was home. Everyone deserves a concert and when I put on a concert I want to put on a concert just for you so you forget everything else.”

Chosen King ended his performance by inviting everyone in attendance to his birthday party the following night and announced that all the proceeds would go to a charity called Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, that promotes Sickle Cell awareness.

The Dean’s List Tour 2015 had a good turn out and was well received. We can count on The DLT returning next year and I for one look forward to it. For more information on the Dean’s List Tour check out their website www.deanslisttour.com or on Instagram at @DeansListTour.

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