by Mary Lakhan

In the first-ever meeting between the St. Francis Brooklyn Women’s Basketball Team (6-15, 2-8) and the Merrimack Warriors (13-8, 6-4), the Terriers were defeated by a score of 54-80 Monday evening at North Andover.

In the first quarter, the Terriers were outscored by the Warriors 11-30. In the second quarter, junior guard Melody Van Ness whipped out a three-point within the first minute to elevate the Terriers. However, on a 17-10 run, the Warriors would extend their lead into the second half 24-47.

Coming out of the locker room, Warriors continued with the same momentum as they yet again outscored the Terriers 36-68. In the fourth quarter, however, the Terriers managed to outscore the Warriors as they tallied 18 points as compared to 12. The Terriers went on 9-0 run bringing the score to 51-74. Despite their efforts, the Warriors took the contest 54-80.

Top performers from the Warriors were Kate Mager, Jayme Decesare, Denia Davis-Stewart, Kaylee Thomas, and Emily Houle.

Sophomore guard Kate Mager finished with a career-high of 29 points in 29 minutes. She also grabbed three assists, one assist, scored seven of 11 attempted three-pointers, and landed two perfect shots at the free-throw line.

Freshman guard Jayme Decesare also finished with a career-high of 19 points in 22 minutes. She also finished with five rebounds, four rebounds, one steal, scored three perfect three-pointers and landed two perfect free-throws.

Senior forward Denia Davis-Stewart recorded a double-double in 37 minutes. She finished with 18 points, 19 rebounds, one assist, five blocks, and scored a lonesome free-throw.

Freshman guard Kaylee Thomas and senior guard Emily Houle finished with nine points. Thomas tallied five points, five rebounds, two rebounds, one steal, and scored one of two free-throws. Houle finished with four points, four rebounds, and one basket.

For the Terriers, top performers were Abby Anderson, Ally Lassen, Alyssa Fisher, Melody Van Ness, Jada McMillan, and Nevena Dimitrijevic.

Junior forward Abby Anderson finished with her first NCAA D1 double-double in 29 minutes. She recorded a career-high of 25 points and 13 rebounds. She assisted in one basket, recorded one steal, scored one three-pointer, and landed four of five shots at the free-throw line.

Abby Anderson’s career highs

Junior forward Ally Lassen finished with 10 points in 23 minutes. She grabbed four rebounds, assisted in one basket and recorded one steal.

Freshman and junior guard Alyssa Fisher and Melody Van Ness both finished with five points. Fisher finished also grabbed two rebounds, assisted in one basket, and recorded three steals in 23 minutes. Van Ness also grabbed three rebounds in 19 minutes.

Freshman guard Jada McMillan finished with one point, grabbed five rebounds and recorded one steal 15 minutes.

Freshman guard Nevena Dimitrijevic finished with two points, two rebounds, six assists, and recorded one steal in 28 minutes of play.

The Terriers will be back on the court on Saturday, February 8, as they host the Mount St. Mary’s (MD) Mountaineers at the Pope Physical Education Center. Game tips off at 1 p.m.

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