After both teams were scoreless for 76 minutes, the St. Francis Brooklyn Terriers men’s soccer team scored three goals in three minutes and defeated the Fairleigh Dickinson University Knights 3-0 Sunday.

The Terriers improved to (6-4-2, 2-0 NEC) and the Knights fell to (2-8-1, 0-1-1 NEC) as a result of the Brooklyn Heights battle.

Neither team was able to the score in the first half.

As the Knights made foul after foul, Terriers keeper Seth Erdman made saves on shots by senior defender Jamie Leddy, Redshirt freshman midfielder Michael Lesarte and sophomore midfielder/defender David Bokumabi.

Knights Redshirt sophomore midfielder Jeremy Despringre then missed a shot in match’s 42nd minute.

The Knights prevented goal attempts from senior forward Yussuf Olajide, senior midfielder Salvatore Barone and two shots from senior defender Collyns Laokandi.

Fouls remained a problem for the Knights in the second half, while the Terriers scored three goals in three minutes.

Laokandi took a shot about ten feet from the line and recorded his first goal of the season in the 76th minute.

Junior defender Dominick Falanga scored his second goal of the season in the 77th minute with an assist from Barone.

The Terriers were given a penalty kick in the 79th minute in which Federico Curbello scored his first goal of the season.

The Terriers shot 3-for-13 goals today, while the Knights attempted six, but couldn’t manage to get any past Erdman.

The keeper recorded three saves for the Terriers and Knights keeper Sebastian Ferreira made two.

The Knights suffered 11 fouls, while fouls were only called on the Terriers twice.

The Terriers will travel to Loretto, Pennsylvania Friday to face the (8-4, 1-0 NEC) St. Francis University Red Flash at 3 pm.