By Hector Boyce

St. Francis College (SFC) men’s swimming captain, Steve Brennan, has learned a lot throughout his years at SFC about what it means to be a leader and about leading by example.

Brennan joined the team as a freshman three years ago and is now in his final season as a Terrier athlete.

Brennan is an alumni of Xavier High School where he specialized in the breast stroke.

“It was a combination of my coach in high-school and now my coach in college who helped me make my decision to come here through visits to the campus and I saw the opportunity of making new friends.”

The Brooklyn native will be graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in science with a major in Information Technology and a Minor in Communications .

Brennan was enthusiastic about the changes SFC has made since his arrival at the college.

“I think the school has done well, I think one thing they improved on was in the computer and IT department.

“Being a tech enthusiast myself, I felt that when you looked up certain things on the computer it led you to wrong directories or just in general you couldn’t find what you were searching for.”

Through his hard work, the help of SFC and the connections he has made, Brennan has gained an internship with the SNY Sports Cable Network where he works and helps with technical support.

Brennan also emphasized how SFC has helped him with even the most basic necessities of being a college student.

Whether that be helping him find his books each semester or the great food provided by the school, Brennan has always felt comfortable talking to anyone at the school because of the close knit community the college provides.

Brennan views himself as a strong leader to the incoming freshmen and sets a good example of what it means to be a Terrier athlete.

Recently Brennan talked about the importance of dedication and commitment to the sport of swimming which can lead to success and even the consequences that can come as a team .

“So this past week a couple of people were missing and just not showing up for practice without notifying me so I would say it was like a punishment where like we had to run stairs.

“And this was something I had to do as a freshman too so as a Senior I remember when I was a freshman 3 years ago if I was late to practice they would make the whole men’s swimming team run stairs.

“So that would just let you know Oh if i’m late to practice i’d have to run these stairs and be like really sore for the rest of the week and a lot of people don’t like that so players started to come to practice on time.”

For Brennan, with those consequences also comes ambition and reward which he also sought out to achieve his own personal goals this season.

Throughout his 4 years at SFC, he dreamed of breaking the 100 yard breaststroke record.

“Coming in I was kind of not as strong as I am now but this year with all the practicing and all the weight training we’ve done, I feel that I’m prepared because this year I’m only two seconds off from the 100 yard breaststroke record which is 57.99.”

At the team’s first swim meet of the year Brennan found joy in seeing the freshman on the team get their feet wet for the first time as collegiate athletes.

“The energy throughout the whole team was great, everyone was really excited and as captain I felt like I had to make sure everyone was cheering for each other as well as participating and making sure they were doing the right thing and not messing around on deck and possibly causing someone to get hurt”.

Besides wondering what it would be like if he had gone to school abroad, he has had not one regret in becoming a Terrier.

Brennan talked about finding solace in learning from different ethnicities and cultures of foods back home to understanding different languages from other teammates throughout his collegiate career which ultimately lead to everlasting friendships.

Brennan hopes his leadership and character will leave an impact for others to follow for years to come.

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