By Annalisa Gangone

One of Brooklyn’s main subway lines is shutting down soon and it will leave many people stranded.

The L train services over 400,000 daily riders from Rockaway Parkway in Brooklyn to 8th Avenue in Manhattan.

The most recent proposed plan for the closure of the L train and Canarsie Tunnel renovations are set to begin in April 2019 and last 15 months. The original plan’s closure period was set to be 18 months long.

According to the official MTA website the repairs include “Demolition and reconstruction of approximately 60,000 linear feet of duct banks, 14,400 linear feet of track and track bed, 270,000 linear feet of cable ducts and associated cables, repair of 7,000 linear feet of concrete lining, and the installation of tunnel lighting and fire systems.”

The reason that the Canarsie tunnels require such extensive repairs is Hurricane Sandy. Back in 2012, Hurricane Sandy flooded the already old tunnels and damaged tube structure, electrical equipment, duct banks and the concrete structures protecting crucial cables and circuits.

Because the L train services so many people daily, the MTA is attempting to do damage control. The MTA is offering alternative services during the tunnel reconstruction. These services are increased service on alternate train routes such as the G train, an express bus service, increased ferry service, improvements to subway stations and increased bike and pedestrian routes.

Hopefully, the L train will be up and running on schedule and run better than it is now!

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