On Wed. Feb. 6, SFC English Professor, Dr. Gregory Tague, held a literary reading for his most recently published work, Call of the Wild: Being Human in Founders Hall.

An anthology, Call of the Wild: Being Human includes passages from three authors, Janyce Stefan-Cole, Lisa Sita, and Anne Whitehouse. Tague was the editor of the anthology.

Tague gave a brief description of the anthology. He introduced his new organization on campus, Evolutionary Studies Collaborative, which was created to benefit students by advancing the study of evolution on campus.

The authors read aloud from their passages.

Cole, author of Hollywood Boulevard and bestselling anthology Dick For a Day, was the first to read aloud.

She read her award winning story, Conversation With a Tree, a piece of prose about a psychotic woman who hears a tree talking to her.

Sita, college administrator, educator, and freelance writer, read her story about a girl named Olivia, who grows up on a farm growing potatoes.

Her grandfather explains to her that everything evolves and when her grandfather dies, her sister’s baby is born and the potatoes are ready to eat. Olivia experiences the lesson about evolution that her grandfather taught her.

Whitehouse, a poet and fiction writer, who has published two anthologies, was the last author to read. She read two passages. The first was the story of a young boy who explores his family background and realizes that he can relate to his natives. The second passage was a continuation of the first. It took place years later when the boy was grown and traveled to California, to experience the same things as his relatives.

After the readings, the audience was given the opportunity to ask the authors questions.

When Cole was asked how she came up with the idea for her narrator, she said, “I hear a character in my head.”

Cole then explained how she always hears characters’ voices in her head and then develops characters more thoroughly.

Afterwards in the Callahan Center, the authors signed books and refreshments were served.

Tague concluded, “It was fantastic! All three authors got a chance to read passages and everyone had an opportunity to meet them.”

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