April 1 — The St Francis College women’s synchronized swimming team is going to pose nude for a 2011 calendar in order to raise money and pay their players.

“We are flying to California tomorrow morning to do the nude photo shoot,” said team member Tatania Long.
Posing nude for a calendar isn’t something new. Many athletes from amateurs to professionals have done it before.

Tennis star Serena Williams posed naked on the cover of the ESPN magazine. The Canadian women’s biathlon team posed naked for a calendar as well.

And the Scottish national soccer squad is well know for showing what they really wear under their kilts.

But with SFC being nominally a Catholic college, some are concerned about what a nude calendar says about the morals of today’s students.

Andrea Sultry, a junior synchronized, disagreed: “Nudity is not pornography — it is the art of the lean and muscled athletic body.”

The team is posing naked to raise money to travel throughout the country and participate in tournaments. In addition, they hope to create more scholarships for new players. Under consideration is a new double major combining synchronized swimming and modeling.

The current bugdet of the team is very low and the swimmers expect that after issuing the calendar they will become better known to advertisers and sponsors who are looking to place their ads in sports events.

Sophomore Vincent Leche said: “I’ve seen those girls on the escalator and it is always worth going up a few extra floors. They’ve got legs up to there. That big Russian one — now we’re talkin’.”

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