Under the direction of Head Coach Brian Guidera, the SFC men’s swim team gave the world something to talk about as they broke the school record on the 400 free-style relay at Iona College on Saturday.

Guidera said: “The team is training well and the overall sense of the team morale is great!”

The record of 3:20.12 was previously held by former SFC athletes T. Saccerio, B. Plavsic, O. Gil and current student-athlete senior R. Polgar.

With a time of 3:18.11, the record was broken by sophomore Andrew Reed, freshman Cory Klingener, Jon Pepaj, and Gareth Livingstone with a time of 3:18.11.

Livingstone said: “I am super happy with my team. We blew the record out the water while we weren’t even tapered! I am looking forward to many more meets like this.”

The Terriers beat the record against all odds.

The SFC pool had a chlorine imbalance that had to be fixed this past week, which affected the ability of the swim team to practice.

Pepaj said: “This meet was completely different from our first swim meet, I did not feel as prepared because of the pool problems, but since my first day here I knew we could beat that relay record.”

Issues with the pool did not make a difference in the Terrier’s performance as they turned to other methods of training such as running across the Brooklyn Bridge and additional gym work-outs.

Klingener said: “This meet was a bit weird because our training was different this week due to pool problems but I actually didn’t feel that bad in the water. Breaking the record was definitely a big morale booster and it was so cool to see the whole team so excited.”

As for their mental and emotional preparation, Livingstone said: “The people I swim with have similar mindsets. We are tougher, stronger, harder and smarter than our competitors. Just wait till conference we are preparing for the win!”

The team practices twice a day daily and will not stop until the conference championship.

Reed said: “With this being only the second meet and our pool issues, I am very excited about the upcoming season and I can guarantee that the record will be broken by this relay a few more times this year.”

The Terriers are getting ready to change SFC’s perception of the men’s swim team as they prepare to continue to the Conference Championship.

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