Senior Robert Nabel presented a smaller version of Professor Terry Quinn’s chamber music opera, The Mark of Cain in Founder’s Hall on April 4.

Sunlit Sandwiches, the new student-run production company has received some nice reviews.

Quinn’s original version of the opera, premiered in November at the Chelsea Opera in Manhattan. It featured six soloists, 12 chorus members, 18 orchestra members, and complex costumes.

Nabel’s version, which he produced himself, was a shorter concert version with eight soloists and chorus members and no costume design.

“We made no attempt to make the actor look like Cain. Our actor is just wearing his street clothes,” Quinn said.

All of the actors and chorus members were from Quinn’s performance. They played the roles of God, the Serpent, Cain, Cain’s sister Zellah, and the townspeople. Alongside the cast was pianist, Cory Battey and conductor, Samuel McCoy.

Nabel is one of Quinn’s Theatre Production students, who liked the opera and wanted to make a concert version of it to perform at St. Francis College. He wanted to present the performance during Sunlit Sandwiches’ series of free and public performances this semester. The Mark of Cain was the second performance of the series with two more will follow.

The opera tells the story of the world’s first murder, focusing on Cain, who murdered and buried his brother Abel. His sister Zellah plans to seek revenge and find the hidden corpse. This is presented through piano and singing with slight gestures by the actors. It featured mainly solos and duets with the chorus singing together at certain parts. The performance ended with Zellah confronting Cain, tricking him into kissing her, and stabbing him to death.

After the performance, Quinn told about the next two Sunlit Sandwiches productions that will be performed this month. Both performances will take place on April 29 in the Founder’s Hall. Songs of Loss and Love, a cabaret performed by three singers and four musicians will be performed at 12:15 P.M. and Bad Evidence, a reading of a two act play by six of its original Off Broadway actors will be performed 7:30 P.M.

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