Summer is swiftly upon us and many of us are still sporting that stubborn winter flab. It’s time to shed the layers of flab and get healthy!

Exercise is a necessary part of losing those unwanted pounds. The word ‘exercise’ can be rather intimidating, but honestly, a 30 minute walk a day is all one needs to loose some weight and stay healthy.

Not only will you be loosing the weight, you will also be warding off stress and keeping your heart super healthy.

If walking seems boring some fun alternatives are: yoga, running, dance, capoeira swimming, kickboxing, and biking. You are more inclined to stick with an exercise if you actually enjoy it. You may even begin to fall in love with exercise.

Shedding the pounds is a two part system. Exercise is key but nutrition is an even bigger part of the battle of the bulge.

Weight lost success is much more attainable when you are eating healthy. Nancy Clark is a nutritionist and contributing editor at Runner’s World magazine. She shares 10 tips to help drop some pounds; here are some really good ones:

Tip # 1. To lose 10 pounds of body fat a year, you need to eat 100 calorie less per day. Cutting too many calories will lower your energy level and increase your hunger pangs, making you more susceptible to splurging on high-calorie foods.

– Don’t skip breakfast. Eat within two hours of waking.

– In fact, eat more breakfast than you think you should. Trade in some of your dinner calories for more calories at breakfast.

– Don’t allow yourself to get hungry. Eat at least every four hours.

Tip # 5. Eat at least three kinds of food each meal from these four categories: breads, cereals, and grains; fruits and vegetables; low-fat dairy and soy; lean meats, fish, and nuts. Breads, cereals, and grains should be the foundation of each meal, with the addition of protein.

Tip # 6. Shoot for a gradual loss of body fat. You’re more likely to put the weight back on (or more) if you drop weight too quickly.

Tip # 7. Liquid calories add up fast and can lead to weight gain. Minimize the amount of soda, juice, store-bought smoothies, sports drinks, coffee drinks, and alcohol you consume.

Tip # 8. Eat closer to the earth; enjoying fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Minimize the amount of processed foods you eat – they tend to offer less fiber.

Tip # 9. If you can’t resist fast food, ask for nutritional information before you make your choices (or check in advance via the restaurant’s web site). Avoid any menu items with the words fried, crispy, and special sauce, which are guaranteed to be high in calories.

Tip # 10. Snack smart! Remember that the calories in the chips and candy bars do add up. Have a piece of fruit and pair it with cottage cheese. Other options: fig cookies; half a bagel with nut butter and jam, or try a fruit-and-yogurt smoothie.

Being consistent with any goal will ensure you victory! Stick to your goals and pretty soon you will be a weight loss success story. Good luck!

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