St. Francis College offers many easy and inexpensive ways to study abroad.

There are three main companies that work with SFC: CIEE, CIS, and ISA. Think about where you’d like to go, how long you’d like to be there, and what subject material you’d be interested in studying.

Each company has hundreds of programs in different places during each semester and intersession. According to Dr. Salholz, who co-directs the SFC Study Abroad program, the best time to go is during your junior of college. This allows students time get their transcripts back in time for graduation.

Some majors are harder to find classes for abroad, but Dr. Salholz says, “Start saving courses and credits, keeping in mind what you can take abroad.”

“I always say you have the chance to study art in Brooklyn, which is fine, or the opportunity to study art in Italy or Paris, anywhere- there are artists all over,” said Salholz, “so start saving.”

The longest period for study abroad is a full year, but there are programs in the January intersession as short as ten days. Once a student finds a program and a fitting course for them, they can meet with Dr. Salholz or the other study abroad director Dr. Wingate. There, students can begin filling out the SFC application/core substitution form, to actually study abroad.

“Be sure to get your academic advisor and department chair to sign off, so you’re taking the right courses,” says Salholz. This is important so students don’t take a course that is too rigorous and do poorly.

Students should also take pricing into consideration. Many times, if a student has a scholarship at SFC, it will be added to the cost of the semester or year abroad. “We are really generous with study abroad,” explains Salholz, “if you chose carefully, you can pay as much as you do here in Brooklyn.”

The scholarship usually covers the pricing of tuition, some fees at the foreign institution, housing, and some food costs. Other costs, like transportation, are usually left to the student.

The study abroad department also has a special scholarship program, which requires the student have a 3.0 GPA for the semester they’re applying. If the essay the student writes follows the guidelines, a student can get a $500 scholarship for the summer or intersessions, or up to $1,000 for a semester.

From there, the student can fill out and submit the online application through whichever company they picked.
Many students who have studied abroad in the past, have loved it, so don’t pass up the opportunity to study abroad. There’s so much out in the world to go explore, and having this chance can be life-changing. Look into it today and find a program that works for you!

The first step in the process is to get in touch with the two leaders of the study abroad program here at SFC: Dr. Salholz and Dr. Wingate. Contact them at msalholz@sfc.edu or jwingate@sfc.edu to set up an appointment.