by Zanna Shapiro

College students Daniel Fisher, Ahmed Abdeltawab, Sukhminder Singh, and Nick Crocco recently celebrated one year since their clothing brand, Colorway, was established.

SFC senior Daniel Fisher, along with three other friends, launched Colorway, last fall on October 10, 2018. 

The friends and business partners pride themselves on pursuing their business goals while simultaneously completing their undergraduate degrees. 

Daniel Fisher oversees designing the products and will be graduating from SFC this winter with a bachelor’s in business management. 

Ahmed Abdeltawab also works on design and is studying premed at NYIT. 

Sukhminder Singh, who is the company president, attends Baruch College for finance.  

Last but not least, Nick Crocco, studies accounting at Marist college and serves as Colorway’s budgeter.  

The friends all went to high school together, and despite attending different colleges, were able to maintain their friendship and launch a clothing brand. 

“Goals and aspirations in business field” inspired them to launch Colorway

“Clothing was a perfect medium for us, all of us were into fashion, design, creative thinking…clothing represented everything at once” Daniel Fisher said. 

Fisher said that Colorway has one message: “a sense of unity amongst different cultures and different groups”. 

The friends themselves all come from different backgrounds; they were all born in the U.S. but have different roots: Fisher is Jamaican, Abdeltawab is Egyptian, Singh is Indian, and Crocco is Italian. 

Daniel Fisher, Ahmed Abdeltawab, Sukhminder Singh, Nick Crocco, exert a collaborative effort towards Colorway. 

Fisher said that “everyone is delegated an assignment and responsible for fulfilling their roles.” 

Sukh reaches out to celebrities and increase brand awareness and promotes the brand. 

Daniel taught himself how to use Adobe and works on design with Ahmed. In addition to design, Ahmed also dabbles in celeb reach-out and pop-up adobe for designs . 

Nick, who has a finance internship on the side, handles finances and assesses the budget. 

So far, so good – Fisher disclosed that “business is good. We sold out all of first and second release, and are now preparing for the third release.” 

Fisher said that promotion was easy. They all live in Suffolk county, and the neighbours were “supportive of our small business…the locals helped promote our brand.”

On the other hand, teaching themselves the ropes was not a simple task, Fisher said. Fisher in particular said that learning Adobe by himself was not easy. 

Currently, packaging takes place in Fisher’s house, but the goal is to one day have a warehouse. 

Colorway ships in the U.S. and internationally, and sells shirts, hoodies, hats, canteen bottles, fanny packs, etc. 

Sizes are currently for men and women, but the founders are considering creating children’s merchandise as well. 

The third clothing release is expected in December 2019. 

Colorway is thriving and anticipate to host events in the near future, as well as establish pop-ups in various stores. 

To learn more about Colorway, visit the website or follow them on instagram, @colorway.ny.

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