Six female students from St. Francis College have completed a five-week long fellowship with the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Along with five other students from nearby colleges, the students spent their time reading and compiling research on one of Brooklyn’s earliest and lesser known historians; Gabriel Furman, a state senator, judge, and lawyer. They concluded their research with uniquely curated final projects, ranging from blogs to paintings to walking tours of Furman’s Brooklyn.

The students involved came from different grades and majors– Alice Albers ‘15, Hannah Brown ‘16, Jacqueline Camacho ‘17, Alia Kasem ‘13, Nicole Molinelli ‘16, and Elizabeth Peralta ‘15.

“Having the opportunity to participate in an undergraduate fellowship was an opportunity that I didn’t take lightly. I have been greatly enriched from everything that the fellowship had to offer,” said sophomore Hannah Brown.

To participate in the fellowship, the students must be enrolled in a Students and Faculty in the Archives (SAFA) class. For Albers, she took American Religious Experience with Professor Egler and United States History: 1896 to the Present with Dr. Haviland.

“At some point during the semester we would visit The Brooklyn Historical Society, blog about our visits and then complete a project. The BHS staff then approached us with the opportunity, which sounded great. You needed to propose a research topic, obtain a professor recommendation and submit,” said Albers.

The fellowship has aided some of these students in focusing on a possible career path. Albers also said, “Now, I have a peaked interest in the history of New York and I’m aggressively applying to other museums for work or internships.”

Camacho said, “I’ve learned that researching can truly be a fun experience and has been enriching to my education experience. This project has also taught me a lot about Brooklyn and New York’s history which I did not know before.”

Their final projects were debuted on July 11 to an audience of over one hundred people at the Brooklyn Historical Society in Brooklyn Heights.

The program was sponsored by JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

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