by Mary Lakhan

St. Francis College’s Counseling and Wellness Center hosted two days of paint therapy in partnership with Student Activities.

It was held in the cafeteria from 1-3 p.m.

According to Mental Health Counselor Candice Abellard, “the purpose of the event was to have a little relief for students during this week of finals, an opportunity for students to stop thinking about their papers and studying and really just focus on something that’s just fun and stress relieving.”

But why painting?

Director of Student Health Services Natasha Edwards said, “I think that as therapists, we focus on talking about feelings and talking about problems. However, there are different modalities of therapy that are just as healing and painting could be one of them.

“Some people like to write stories, some people like to write poetry, some people do comedy, some people like to sing, those are all different mediums of expression.

“So painting is another medium of expressing feelings and it’s really effective for some people. They can really struggle with sitting in an office and talking about feelings and when they start painting, all of their feelings and emotions come out…it’s just another way to connect with yourself.”

See below for other activities available during finals week:

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