The SFC Street Team is a program for students who are looking for hands on introductory experience with Athletic Marketing.

Meghan O’Brien, who is the Director of Athletic Marketing, says athletic marketing is “engaging and increasing fan attendance, enhancing fan experience, and making it an all around fun environment for people to want to come back.”

Athletic marketing brought SFC to the next level over the past four years with game promotions, better contests, and sponsorship opportunities.

O’Brien’s two assistants, SAAC Student President Andy Cormack and Maggie Niu, who are also in the program and have been creating the game event flyers thus far, describe their day-to-day functions. They make flyers, plan upcoming events, spread the word in regards to scheduled games, and reach out to the student population as much as possible.

O’Brien says that they are trying to put the team outside during the months of January and February where they will go to Borough Hall and see if fans would like to attend games by offering discounts or incentives to support the Terriers.

Students who are enthusiastic, outgoing, have a passion for college sports, and those who have Terrier pride are encouraged to join the Street Team.

Not only are you getting fans excited about the games, this experience will also look great on your resume.

“It’s hard for students who are graduating college. Companies are looking for employees to have three to four years’ experience,” says O’Brien. “The only way to gain experience is to live through it.”

O’Brien admits that fan attendance has become a challenge with situations working against them.

Many of the games held at home are played weekdays at 7pm. Since we are a commuter school, students go home after a long day and are unlikely to return to support our athletes during home games.

“Weekends we get a big draw from community based fans, not necessarily the student body. Dorm students do come on the weekends,” claims O’Brien.

However, different nights of the week correlate to the number of attendees during games. There are lots of Monday night games held in January and February during men’s and women’s basketball season and O’Brien would love to have the bleachers filled up for this “central hub” as she explains it.

O’Brien encourages those who are a communications or marketing majors, knowledgeable in graphic design, or have a passion for college sports to join the team. Students can email her at mobrien@sfc.ecu.

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