The Terriers dropped to (0-3) on the season with today’s 3-1 loss to UMass Lowell, and it is evident that they are having trouble getting anything going on offense. They have now only scored one goal through their first three games, which is certainly not going to cut it.

The first game of the Morgan Stanley Windjammer Classic did not go as planned for the Terriers as they dropped the first match 3-1. Offense has been at a premium for the Terriers through their first three games as they only have been able to manufacture one goal this season.

Their first two games of the season were a pair of heartbreaking 1-0 loses. Today the Terriers were able to put the ball in the net for the first time this year, but one goal was not going to be enough on this day.

The Umass Lowell River Hawks were attacking all day long and scored three goals due to their relentless attack. The 3-1 loss is the largest margin of defeat for the Terriers thus far as they were just unable to find an answer for the River Hawks’ sustained offensive attack. The Terriers on the other hand just couldn’t find a groove what so ever on this day.

It isn’t like they aren’t getting chances to score. The Terriers have had their fair share of attempts but have been unsuccessful converting. Their attackers have been able to get the ball with the chance to score but have been fought off by opposing defenders. The offense has looked soft over the first three games and that might explain the one goal total.

The defending NEC Champions are not looking too hot offensively right now. They need to find their way immediately unless they are going to be in deep trouble as the season continues. It is clear that they are missing last season’s top scorer Kevin Correa who transferred to the University of New Mexico over the summer. He was a force on the offensive end and his presence has yet to be replaced.

If the Terriers are going to succeed here in 2014 they are going to need someone to step up to fill the void that has been left by Correa. Today one of the new faces on the Terriers; junior John Makaya scored the first goal of the season. Maybe he can be a guy who can step up and provide some offense.

Who ever it may be, the fact of the matter is the Terriers have only scored one goal over three games and that is a problem. The reigning NEC Champions are going to have to figure it out on the offensive end, because it can be a long season for them. Defensively this team is still very solid, with captain Andy Cormack anchoring the defense.

Now they must find away to translate their defense into offense like they did last season. Once they figure it out on that end, they should resemble a team very similar to the one that won the NEC Championship last year. They are a young bunch and it may take some time but thae talent is there.

The Terriers next take the pitch on Sunday, Sept 7 when they will face the University of Vermont in their final game of the Morgan Stanley Windjammer Classic. The Terriers need to solve some of their offensive problems and get a much needed ‘W’ in the win column.

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