NEWS: Iliana Chino is a St. Francis college student who aspires to triumph in Chicano rap, an emerging sub-genre of hip hop music, Latin rap, and gangster rap.

Chino discovered this beat while surfing the net aimlessly and accidently stumbling across some pages of established Chicano rappers.
“I always liked writing poems but once I heard that beat I fell in love and turned those poems into lyrics,” Chino said.

Chino is known in the Chicano rapping sphere as “Mz Gatiz” and constantly travels to California to record her music for a private music label that believes in her capabilities as much as her fans believe in her by showing support on her social networking website MySpace page.

She also receives wide support from her fans during her live performances that are spontaneously announced via her MySpace blog throughout the year in different locations within New York and Boston.

Chino said she hopes to move to California after college to record music full time and some day become a recognized Chicano rapper around the country.

Iliano Chino is of Mexican descent whom was consistently exposed to very traditional Mexican music in her household but was swayed by the sound of a more modern beat called Chicano rap, which combines aspects of West Coast and Southwest Mexican American culture.

After Iliana discovered her passion and talent she began writing her own music and posting it on her MySpace page, and it was a success. A short time later she was discovered by a producer named Erick Snypes, who became a mentor.

Currently Chino is recording for a private label named HoodSpace Music Corp. in Los Angeles, California but only part time. A few months ago she finished recording her new single “Let My Hair Grow”, which can be heard via Mz Gatiz MySpace page.

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