April 1 — St. Francis College has tried to get students to stop smoking for years with its ‘National No Smoking’ day, but now, after seeing minimal results and more smokers in front of the school building, SFC has finally come up with the perfect solution: Light up and pay up.

Any student caught smoking outside will be fined $250. This fine will double if the student is caught a second time and will continue to increase as many times as the student is caught.

The maximum fine so far has been set at $1,000. Certain individuals in the school are pleased about the idea. “Something had to be done about this issue,” said Mary Finnegan.

“It is more than just a concern about the environment, it’s a concern for the SFC image.

“Those passing by see all of these kids smoking outside the building and probably don’t think much about the school. With this new solution, maybe there still is hope to repair the image of the college.”

Some students are also happy about this new change. “I’m tired of always walking up the steps and having to breathe in the smoke, said Anthony Santoro. “It’s ridiculous. I don’t wanna get sick just ’cause everybody else doesn’t care. I’m for this new punishment. ”

Other students on the other hand are less than enthusiastic about this new rule. “Are you kidding me?”, asked Joe Franco. “This school makes me pay $16,000 for tuition, books, using the computers and now they’re gonna make me pay them for smoking too?

“This place is gonna lose a lot of students. Now we can’t smoke in between classes or nothin. They’re gonna lose a lot of people.”

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