St. Francis College is well known academically. Forbes.com ranks it as being one of the top five NYC schools. The men’s water polo team is ranked nationally in Division 1 play. However there have been no national accolades for the staff and faculty.
I believe that every staff and faculty member at St. Francis is hired because of their ability and patience. The individuals that I have met definitely display those attributes. The very first two people who came my way were Deborah Seaton and Kathy Ditrento.

Ms. Seaton is the Director of Student Health Services and arrived at St. Francis in 2004. Her office is in a relatively quiet corner of the second floor Volpe Lounge. There behind closed doors she can give clients the privacy they might need.

Ms. Ditrento is the Supervisor of Document Services and will be celebrating 15 years here in August 2011. Recently she was presented with SFC’s Administrator of the Year Award. Her office on the third floor is open and often bustling. If the door is closed the office probably is closed for the day.

My visual impairment makes it is impossible for me to read glossy paged, small-type textbooks, which may not be a problem other students. However, Ms. Seaton found a magnifying glass that helped a bit, and also suggested using audiotapes, if available, for the textbooks.

Augmenting that advice, Ms. Ditrento’s office could take any printed page and enlarge it. The enlargements of textbook pages made it possible for me to keep up with studying and assignments.

Without these services I would have been unable to make it to graduation next June.

So I am very grateful to these two women and all who have taken the time to me, and other bewildered students through confusing times.

Every working member of the St. Francis College from the basement to the eighth floor should be ranked nationally and should be in Forbes.com’s top five NYC schools.

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