Are these “Shape-Ups” really shaping you up? Everyone is wearing and talking about Sketchers ‘Shape-Ups’.

The new sneaker hit the market earlier this year. Advertisements can be seen on television commercials, buses, subway stations, in newspapers and magazines. Sketchers’ advertising campaign is growing everyday.

Even though a 2010 Health Survey determined that 64% of Americans are obese; this is also the generation that is ready to get in shape.

Sketcher Shape-Ups are flying off the shelves for a minimum of $99.00 a pair. The sneakers have been so successful that Sketchers has opened up various stores across the country just for this specific line of shoes.

According to the brand’s website “Shape-Ups are designed to help strengthen your muscles, including back abdomen and calves. Shape-Ups will help you lose weight and improve your circulation… where your Shape-Ups everywhere and anywhere and your body will feel like a new you.”

Many factors make the Shape-Ups different than any other sneaker on the market. The sneaker consists of five layers: the upper, the sock liner, midsole, kinetic wedge and outsole.

The kinetic wedge protects the foot while exercising core muscles. The Shape-Ups have a distinct design that look like a sneaker with a curved wedge. They increase the range of motion in the foot that enhances muscle fibers unlike flat-bottomed sneakers.

When starting to use Shape-Ups the company suggests minimum usage until the body adjusts to this new style of walking.The irony of this sneaker campaign is that Sketchers is promoting fitness awareness, however, studies have shown that only people who are already fit can wear them.

Every person featured in the advertisements is thin, young and already in good physical condition. This will discourage many overweight people from trying the product. The more overweight the person is, the harder it will be to adjust to this new way of walking.

Many people who have used product have been interviewed and mixed results have been recorded. One main factor is clear: after wearing the Shape-Ups for a substantial amount of time you will begin to feel more strength in your legs and lower back.

Sketchers asserts that your body will gradually “shape-up” and that you may receive the same results as if you were constantly exercising by walking, running or lifting in the gym. However, this is false.

Getting your body into shape requires more than just walking in these shoes. There are many forms of exercise, whether its yoga, pilates, running, walking, cardio or weight training, but whatever you choose you must to do it consistently to achieve results.

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