WRITTEN BY Danielle Francavilla

On September 19th, the 6th Annual Non-Profit Summit was held at St Francis College. In attendance were 166 industry professionals and 62 SFC students. The Summit is an annual collaboration between the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Investors Bank and SFC Center for Entrepreneurship. The Summit opened with welcoming remarks from Andrew Hoan, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Cummings, CEO of Investors Bank, Domenick Cama, Senior Executive Vice President and COO of Investors Bank, and SFC’s new President, Dr. Miguel Martinez-Saenz. The opening remarks included a warm welcome to President Martinez-Saenz as well as fond remembrances of his immediate predecessor, the late President Brendan Dugan.

The Keynote Speaker Linda Johnson, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Public Library, jumpstarted the panel discussion with thought provoking facts and statistics pertaining to the Summit’s theme “The business of older adults: engaging in an aging population”. Sharon Greenberger, President of YMCA of Greater New York, moderated the panel discussion. The panel included the Hon. Mark Treyger, New York City council member: Committee on Aging and Co-chair of the New York City Council Brooklyn Delegation, and Lindsey Goldman, Director of Healthy Aging at the New York Academy of Medicine. Regretfully, Mary Tobin, Director of Brownsville Partnership was unable to participate on the panel and Dr. Dennis Anderson, chairperson of SFC’s management and IT department, joined the discussion as a substitute panelist. A variety of subtopics were addressed, including programs to better the lives of aging adults and the struggles older adults face in emergency situations such as Hurricane Sandy.

After the panel discussion came to a close, a Q&A was opened to the audience, immediately followed by the Summit’s inaugural awards ceremony. The Innovative Cornerstone Not-For-Profit Award was presented to both Brooklyn Community Services, accepted by Marla G Simpson, President and CEO, and Heights and Hills, accepted by Judy Willig, Executive Director. The Emerging Not-For-Profit award was awarded to Operation Warrior Shield, accepted by Chief Master Sergeant Edward Schloeman, Founder and Chairman. After the event, a networking lunch was held in SFC’s Callahan Center, followed by a post-summit breakout session, focused on improving services for aging populations by leveraging m-health, telemedicine, and telehealth.