St. Francis College will host its first Faculty Research Day today featuring seven professors from several departments who will present research on rape culture.

Each professor will bring up a different point on the topic and will have different approaches to it. The goal of this research is for the professors to be able to look deeper into their areas of work and have it published and presented to a wide crowd of people.

Religion Professor Dr. Benjamin Wood’s research focuses on Tibetan Buddhist literature.

He went on to say that he “studies biographies and autobiographies of famous monks, especially abbots, who lived in Tibet’s large monasteries in the nineteenth century.”

Dr. Emily Horowitz, chair of the Sociology and Ciminal Justice department, will present her research project on her analysis of current research on sex offender policies to assess how many existing studies have found positive affects from the public sex offender registry.

Sociology and Criminal Justice Professor Dr. Nickie Phillips will talk about her upcoming book Beyond Blurred Lines: Rape Culture in Popular Media.

In her book she talks about how she “traces how the concept of rape culture moved from its origins in academic discourse in the 1970s into public discourse in late 2012-2013.”

Dr. Suzanne Forsberg, chair of the Fine Arts department, will present research focusing on Joseph Camerloher — an eighteenth-century German composer who was caught in the crosscurrents of two stylistic eras, the late baroque and the early classical periods.

Others who will share their research include Communication Arts Professors Dr. Augusta Palmer and Dr. Scott Weiss and Biology Professor Dr. Allison Dell.

The professors will present their research in room 6214 at 11:10 am.