Communication Arts Professors Dr. Augusta Palmer and Magaly Colimon-Christopher will stop accepting submissions for the first annual St. Francis College Women’s Film Festival this week and prepare to hold the event next month.

The debut topic is “What Makes a Woman” and will aim to display the cognizance of women through film. All female students at SFC are eligible to enter.

“I hope students of all genders will gain a sense of the great work being made by women filmmakers,” Palmer told SFC Today. “I hope female students in particular will gain a sense of community, confidence and excitement about work made by women.”

Colimon-Christopher came up with the idea when reading The Heroin’s Journey by Maureen Murdoch – which states that a woman’s journey is to free herself from society’s definition of a female and find her own. She then spoke to Palmer and began discussing what student filmmakers at SFC might think the definition of a woman is.

When judging the films, the two professors will look for original work that is multi-generational, cross-cultural and multi-racial and depicts a woman’s self image.

“As a result I hope the young women of SFC will so relish the experience of claiming their right to voice their perspectives,” Colimon-Christopher told SFC Today. “In part, that they will go out into the industry feeling entitled to tell their stories and feel assured that male and female audiences will want and need to experience documentaries and narrative films from a woman’s perspective.”

The professors don’t want the festival to be competitive, but rather be a showcase of the different perspectives of female student filmmakers and celebrate their success.

The 10-minute documentary and fiction films will be screened over two days. The festival will also feature two filmmakers as guest speakers – Lili White who will show experimental works by women and Lisa Russell who will screen documentary work about worldwide women’s issues.

One of Colimon-Christopher’s students – Stephen Reynolds – designed a logo that will be used for the festival.

It will be held on Monday, March 7 from 2 to 5 pm and Tuesday, March 8 from 11:10 am to 1:10 pm in the 7th floor Maroney Theatre.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday at 5 pm.