April 1 — The St. Francis College IT Department has decided to block social networking sites from the college’s computers. Students will not be able to access sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter — all in the hope that students will stop wasting their lives on such sites rather than studying.

Tommy Nofriends, member of St. Francis College’s Information Technology (IT) Department, said: “We need to find a way for our students to concentrate more on their studies rather than on their online ‘farms.’ Nofriends suggested that St.Francis make a drastic yet much needed decision.

As of April 1, 2010, the computer labs in St. Francis College will block anyone from accessing the social networking sites.

The IT Department is not doing this to punish the students — they are trying to create a more studious environment within the college.

IT is also doing this in hopes that students’ GPAs will improve overall. If the students don’t have access to Myspace or Twitter they will be more willing to complete their assignments, not just because they have to, but because they will do it out of pure boredom in between classes.

Nofriends said: “I do not want students to think that they cannot have Facebook or whatever it is they use. Just do it at home, not in school.”

This is a reasonable request. You have free time at home to go chat online and play on your Facebook applications — let the time at school be used for productive purposes.

When students are in school doing their work — which should be their main focus — they should not be thinking about responding to an instant message or requesting friends on Myspace, or even ‘tweeting.’

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