By Aaliyah Humphrey

Marina Esparza, SFC student filmmaker, created Tira Misu, a film that was premiered and awarded during this year’s women’s film festival.

Tira Misu is a dramatic short film about a young man’s pursuit to hide his drug addiction while his college cracks down on drug use on campus.

“It was the best experience I’ve had so far because I was working with people who were passionate about the project” Esparza said.

Her friend, Shala Franciosa also starred and edited the film with her and together they won two individual awards.

Esparza won the award for Best Director for the film, while Franciosa won for Best Student Narrative.

For a first- time filmmaker, Esparza does an impressive job depicting a college setting to create the story. The 7th floor hallway, campus dorm, promenade and Maroney Theater gave the film a realistic edge.

Not to mention, Professor Gewirtz of the Communication arts department was involved.

Esparza and Franciosa both said that they are already thinking of new film ideas and are looking at getting new cast members.

“We want to reach out to local acting schools…and just reaching out to people and starting our own production” Esparza said.

Being new student filmmakers, they want them to stay motivated in their own creativity and to not be afraid of what they want to create.

“Just make it. You don’t need a budget of a million dollars or a Hollywood Production team with you. You just need yourself and people who are passionate about it and – you know what you have.”