Sophomore Hannah Seymour is starting a club that will aim to battle racism on campus.

Students Against Racism will hold open discussions about racial issues as well as forums where members will explain why certain everyday phrases, sayings and actions are racist. Seymour will also incorporate anti-racism into fundraisers.

Seymour decided to start the club after constantly hearing racist comments around St. Francis College and being too afraid to respond to them.

“I hope that this club will give students the courage to speak up,” the Childhood Education major told SFC Today.

A lot of people will say they are not racist, but don’t actually do anything to stop others from being racist, Seymour added.

“You can say you’re not racist all you want, but I would rather be anti-racist,” she said. “I decided that on campus I would start a group of people who will actually FIGHT against racism.”

Racism is present on campus, but it’s not always noticed. This is the reason why the college needs a club like this, Seymour said.

“In the first meeting I asked everyone who came what they have experienced at just SFC alone, and the amount of replies was shocking,” she said.

Seymour is already planning on holding a cultural art show and mini food festivals to get more students involved.

“You will not only be part of a new club. You will be part of a movement,” Seymour told SFC Today.

The club had an interest meeting Friday and is currently planning elections for leadership roles as well as figuring out who will be the faculty moderator.

Students interested in joining can contact Seymour at hseymour@sfc.edu.