For commuters traveling to St. Francis College or anywhere in Downtown Brooklyn, finding a parking spot proves to be troublesome on a daily basis.

This area, both residentially and commercially flourishing, receives a massive influx of visitors every day for a vast assortment of purposes.

Residents, students, employees and shoppers alike all struggle to find parking every morning due to a handful of obstacles.

On certain sides of several blocks, there is no parking permitted all week long. On some other blocks like Remsen, Joralemon and Clinton, no parking rules are in effect from 7:30 to 8:00 am or from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. Monday through Friday, for street cleaning purposes.

To make matters worse, drivers are forced to interrupt their daily activities due to 1-hour time limits on many parking meters.

20-year-old student Nick said: “The parking situation is ridiculous. I show up late for class because I was looking for parking, then I have to leave the same class early to go feed the meter. Its absurd.”

There is also a small army of traffic police out there enforcing these rules. In 2008, Brooklyn Heights traffic police wrote out the 2nd most tickets in the borough.

The Brooklyn Supreme and Criminal Courts, The Brooklyn Municipal Building and Brooklyn Borough Hall are all crammed into the area as well, adding to the shortage of parking slots.

Although there are several parking lots in the area, they contain limited space and charge lots of money just to park for a few hours.

Due to commercial trucks, school buses, taxis and other double-parked vehicles, it sometimes takes up to twenty minutes just to go around a block once. This makes the improbable task of parking nearly impossible.

With a variety of obstacles in the way, Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn leave commuters wondering if they should just take the train or bus. All signs point to public transportation being the most logical travel choice to St. Francis College.

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