St. Francis has unveiled a brand new chat feature accessible to anyone who may have questions. The new chat feature is powered by Unibuddy, an app that connects prospective students with university ambassadors and staff.

Matthew Perez, a Communication Arts student, who is a part of the chat said, “I think it’s a really good idea and will allow incoming students to actually interact with not only staff but students as well.”

The Unibuddy website also claims to power better decisions through student and staff connections. There are also blog posts from lots of current students who spoke about their St. Francis journey, another positive outlook for any student looking for intimate knowledge about their college choices.

If students may have any questions, staff members and/or current students can pitch in to answer said questions. Students and staff can join Unibuddy and be a part of the bigger picture in making St. Francis an ideal option for many prospective students.

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