By David Schoen


To honor past and present athletic programs, SFC will host an Alumni Mixer on Saturday, April 28th. Visitors are encouraged to enter the event through the Gold Doors at 182 Remsen Street.

SFC Athletics claims the Mixer was designed to “celebrate the rich collegiate athletic legacy that spans more than 100 years as well as all of the individuals responsible for building it.”

The Mixer welcomes all former athletic alumni, coaches, faculty and administrators as well as present members of SFC’s athletic program. Participants will have the opportunity to share past stories of their experiences with SFC’s athletic department and will be provided the chance to explain how the athletic program has developed over time.

The all-sport reunion encourages both Blue and Red Terriers to attend. Adopted in 1933 by the College’s athletic association, SFC’s Mascot, Rocky the Terrier, may even make a surprise appearance.

The registration cost is $40 to sign up on the night of the event outside the door. Preregistration costs total $30 per reception and are available until Noon on Friday, April 27th.

In the cafeteria, drinks, food, raffles and door prizes will be open for all attendees to join. All proceeds are planned to go to the funding of the athletic program.