by Aaliyah Humphrey and Zanna Shapiro

SFC communication arts and public relation alumni Ian Forde and Jamera Blackwell are using their branding and PR skills to create future startup agency, Medium Heat Creative.

“I enjoy cooking and through my experience, Medium Heat is the perfect level to cook most things. As an agency, this means that we do things just right for our clients. It sounded like a cool name, so we went with it.” Forde said.

After meeting in their Digital Radio Industry class in the Spring of 2017, both alumni shared the idea that they wanted to build something they can control.

“We believe in ownership and are enamored with the idea of freedom of choice. Being able to make a living from something that you own, enjoy, and have talents in is very rewarding,” they said.

Even though Medium Heat is an up and coming business, their creative ambitions run high.

While Blackwell adds her public relations skills, Forde adds his branding expertise for branding and event planning services.

In regards to branding, the two plan to develop names and branding strategies for businesses. For event planning, they will work with both businesses and individuals for small, medium and large events all within the New York City area.

“Being here is a great start because New York is a trendy city, there is a lot of talent here and there are a lot of businesses that would help”, they said.
With the vast amount of diversity, they hope to go by their vision of breaking barriers with big ideas, working closely with clients, and cultivating meaning-full relationships. Their mission statement is also thoroughly executed in advanced.

“Creating everlasting synergy through brands and individuals’ because we believe in the power of people…The combined efforts of all these groups lead to great things when developed properly.” Forde said.

In the next 5 years, they look forward to working with more notable clients and helping companies exceed on their goals. In addition to that, they expect to be a part of big revolutionary projects.

“Having a nice office to call our home would be great as well. More importantly, we look forward to conquering any challenges that cross our path during our journey,” they said.

Blackwell and Forde have also thought about partnering with their alma mater: “We’d love to partner with SFC in the future. Let’s make it happen.”

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