The beginning of the school year called for a fresh start and improvements to our IT department. They are now offering a new MySFC Service Desk portal to allow students and staff to better communicate with IT. Students also now have the option to change their password from a random assortment of letters and numbers to something easier to remember.

SFC Today reached out to the IT department to find out why these changes came this semester. “With our old system, only faculty and administrators were able to reset their passwords. That decision was made due to the limitation of the system,” representatives of the department said. “With the new FootPrints system in place, everyone can now register their account and change their password. Changing your password has never been easier as you can access the password reset from the main SFC website.” Before changing their passwords, students must register for this new system which is available through the updated portal.

The improved portal serves many other useful functions. “The Service Desk portal is a way for faculty, employees and students to report various IT issues such as a broken keyboard and for the faculty and employees, they can also report facilities issues like spills on the floor or garbage removal,” they continued, “[It] can also be used to request services as well. Currently, students only have the ability to report IT issues such as non-functioning PC’s or printers.”

Each student or staff member who enters a work order into the new system will receive an email receipt that will allow them to track their request as it is being processed.

“Another great feature that is currently being worked on is the Knowledge base portal, which will enable everyone to look up a particular IT issue and guide you step by step on how to remedy it,” Service Desk representatives told SFC Today. The improved MySFC portal is more than useful when it comes to connecting with various SFC departments and reporting a wide variety of problems that staff and students may have. “We do encourage all St. Francis students to use the system,” they said.

SFC Today also inquired about the spam email issue that affected hundreds of freshman accounts at the beginning of the semester. The email claimed there was a problem with various students’ accounts in an effort to get students to respond to the email with their private usernames and passwords.

“The IT department is currently working on an official statement regarding the spamming issue which will be sent out to Faculty, Administration, and students. We’ll provide an answer soon,” they told SFC Today. So only time will tell what answers we will be met with in the future on this topic and what we can expect from the MySFC portal page.